About Natalie Nolte

Natalie has a passion for healthy and circular living, and is always exploring spaces where she can learn from people with expansive knowledge. With a background in graphic/web design and film, she uses these communication skills to share the valuable knowledge she encounters. Following 10 years in London, feeling the disconnection of society on so many levels, she explored the more alternative lifestyle communities in Wales and France, and then spent a year in a camper van travelling around Australia, living in the bush and visiting eco villages, learning about health, nutrition and regenerative/natural living. She has since returned to her home country, South Africa, where she works in multimedia and communication with projects that focus on a healthy world. Some of these include African Earth Rights (Love local, love sustainable); Soil for Life (who teach organic gardening, and wellbeing in impoverished areas); Good Life Organics (suppliers of organic products); Wild and Waste Free (Packaging free, community focused shop); TAGDit (social media app for deep democracy and information sharing within groups); PHA Campaign (Protecting Cape Town's primary food growing area).

A Succulent Christmas

This is not just any Christmas tree, this one is made in the way a living wall is, with a metal frame, with potted succulents inserted. Their focus was around creating a waste free Christmas. The succulents will afterwards be used in a water wise garden in the court yard, a wonderful gardening solution in this time of drought.

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Camper Van – Setting up the Electrics

Setting up a dual battery system is a key part of creating home in a camper van, especially if you want to travel with fresh food. For our requirements, we needed a fridge; lights (in the van and over the outside kitchen); an invertor to run our blender and charge our laptops & a USB connectors to charge our phones. We ran our stove on gas as they use an immense amount of electricity. Kettles, toasters, etc also use huge amounts of electricity, so the stove was used for this as well … a pot for boiling water, and if you eat toast – a cast iron griddle with a bit of coconut oil will do the trick. Below is how I did it .. Firstly consider all your energy requirements and what you will then need. You want to run as much as possible off 12V – as this is what the battery system is. A lot of power is lost in the conversion to 240V on an inverter.

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Camper Van Setup

Living in a small space becomes about the initial planning, having everything set up, in its place, with no space wasted, and as far as possible all items serving multi functional uses. For ourselves, we chose a high top van with a long wheel base, it allows one to stand up inside, get the extra space, but you can still fit in regular parking spots, it had a relatively small size engine, so is more sustainable in terms of fuel, and who’s in rush when you’re living on the road enjoying the scenery.

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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional health plays a huge part in our over all well being and physical health. The EFT technique is a wonderful way of working with our emotions. Sometimes we don’t even know what it is we are feeling, or we try and suppress our emotions, and as a result giving them more power over us. Through EFT we acknowledge these emotions, by voicing them. Instead of the thoughts and feelings going around in a loop in our heads, and building the emotional charge, EFT allows ourselves to move through them. We do this by talking through what we are feeling while tapping on our meridian lines.

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